Your Duty Description

Working with this organisation is one of the best decision you could make. But it starts with knowing what is expected of you. This session handles your Duty Description. Who you have to be, What you have to do and Why you would want to work with this organization. Click the Play Button and Watch the video below.

At the end of the video. Take the quiz to progress to the next stage.

Note: You are expected to pay part of your license fee before taking this Quiz. However, you can still take the quiz before making payment, but note that this may lower your chances of selection as selection is a first come first serve basis and there is a limit to the number of people to be selected per batch.

Your license fee is totally refundable in the event you are unsuccessful in the selection or training process, your license will not be issued but your license fee will be refunded. You can also pull out of the training at any time you choose and you license fee will also be refunded less administrative fees.

Before you click the Button below to take the quiz, ensure you have watched the above video to the end  as the quiz is designed to test how much of the information in the video you understand. 


To Understand the Purpose of License Fee better, watch this video to the end.